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Color Games Philippines: What's New and Exciting?

Color Games Philippines: What's New and Exciting? (How To Play)

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the vibrant world of Color Games Philippines? At, we're excited to introduce you to the latest and most exciting updates in the realm of Color Games. From the heart-pounding Super Game x60 to the jaw-dropping Super Jackpot x100, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we dive into the exhilarating features that are taking the Color Game experience to new heights.

The Super Game x60: A Colorful Adventure

Unlocking the Super Game

Welcome to the Super Game x60, where the excitement knows no bounds! To qualify for this thrilling feature, you must achieve the remarkable feat of winning three of the same color in a single round. Once you've accomplished this, you'll be granted access to the Super Game, where the potential for big winnings awaits.

Multiply Your Winnings

Once you've entered the Super Game, you'll face a crucial decision. Select one color from the options available and hold your breath as the Live Casino Dealer takes one dice and participates in the Color Game. If luck favors you, and your chosen color wins during the Super Game, your winnings will be multiplied by an impressive 60x – that's the Super Game prize!

No Color, No Problem

But what if you don't secure a color during the Super Game? Don't worry; all is not lost. Your previous payout, which is your bet amount multiplied by 3, from the regular winnings still applies. So, whether you win big in the Super Game or not, the excitement of Color Games Philippines is always at your fingertips.

The Super Jackpot x100: Where Dreams Come True

The Road to Super Jackpot

Get ready to take your Color Game experience to a whole new level with the Super Jackpot x100 feature. To qualify for this thrilling opportunity, you must achieve the remarkable feat of winning three of the same color in a single round. Once you've unlocked this achievement, a world of excitement awaits.

Spinning Wheel Game

The Super Jackpot introduces you to the Spinning Wheel Game, a heart-pounding experience that could change your fortunes forever. The wheel offers a range of enticing multipliers, including 3x, 10x, 20x, and the astonishing 100x! As the Live Casino Dealer gives the wheel a spin, the anticipation builds, and the pointer determines your fate.

Escalating Rewards

But that's not all; the Super Jackpot takes you on a journey through three levels of escalating rewards – the Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot. If luck smiles upon you, and the pointer lands on the elusive Jackpot, you'll be eligible for the Minor Jackpot, offering another chance at even greater rewards.

Major Achievements

If the pointer lands on a different number or multiplier and doesn't hit the jackpot, don't despair. You'll still receive the Minor Prize. But here's where the excitement builds – if you're fortunate enough to land on the jackpot for the third time, it's time to celebrate! Congratulations! You'll have your bet amount multiplied by an explosive 100x, claiming the coveted Super Jackpot reward. Your Gateway to Color Games Philippines

At, we're more than just a platform for Color Game enthusiasts; we're your ultimate destination for all things Color Games Philippines. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Color Games, our website offers a wealth of resources to enhance your gaming experience. From articles on how to play the Color Game effectively to valuable insights on betting odds, is your one-stop source for mastering the game. Plus, we provide a seamless website for Color Game download, ensuring you can enjoy the Color Game on your terms, anytime, anywhere.

Conclusion: Dive into Color Games Philippines Today!

In conclusion, Color Games Philippines is evolving, and the excitement has never been greater. With the Super Game x60 and Super Jackpot x100 features at your fingertips, you have the chance to multiply your winnings and claim extraordinary rewards. Join us at, where the thrill of Color Games knows no bounds. It's time to dive into the vibrant world of Color Games Philippines and start winning big!

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